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We work diligently to provide our students with a “One stop solution to abroad education”. We are one of the leading education consultancy firms in India, which is renowned, reputable, trustworthy, caring and professional education consultancy, where students & working professionals can avail all overseas education related services at one stop for the admission and visa process for abroad Universities. Our industry experts and trained counselors help students to select the right destination and appropriate qualification according to their previous qualification and experience.

Students want to see the world and they want to explore! And we firmly believe and feel that they gain a lot from what they experience abroad.The most important thing is that the student will develop on a more independent basis.Global education is fast transforming itself into being an integral part of one’s career goals.

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University students tend to study abroad much more than before. The universities has tried to track the changing interests of the students and the increasingly global nature of its curriculum by setting up programs that did not attract as much interest a generation ago?. A decade ago, the only destinations of studying abroad were in Western Europe, but there are many places for students to study abroad all over the world now. 

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Overseas education coupled with an international internship is an incredible way to gain some real world experience. Moreover you may find that only international programs can provide the real expertise you desire in your education. International experience is recognized highly among many employers as a critical asset for prospective employees.Overseas education shows that you are diverse resourceful andadventurous

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Be it either the class room coaching, E learning or 1 on 1 service, students receive the most personalized form of learning from our most experienced instructors. Our expert tutors customize instruction and preparation to your needs and learning style, and focus on the areas with the highest potential for improvement. Our services are flexible enough to enable our students to receive tutoring at their own premises

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We assist and guide through the application process for courses at all levels, right form the diploma to the PhD, and give continuous support to out students at all levels. We ensure that the students apply to institutions which are thoroughly assessed  in order to meet their requirements, thus, making the study abroad as easy as possible, so that, students have to only think about their education there, rest will be taken care by us.

  • Recently, at ASU Day at the Capitol, School of Politics and Global Studies alumna Ana Licona reflected on experiences that led her to pursue a career in public service. In her job at the Arizona State Senate, Licona works to ensure that constituents in Arizona’s 30th Legislative District are valued and represented.

    Licona was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona, to immigrant parents who pushed her to achieve a higher education. She graduated from Arizona State University in 2016 with degrees in global studies and sociology. Her education has empowered her to cultivate change within the community at local and national levels.
  • Managing cost of education is not simple. It’s simple only when you ride on an education loan scheme to fund the expenses. But these funds are not free. Education loan comes at a cost. If current burgeoning bad loan scenario is taken into account, chances are that the loan would become a debt trap for student borrowers.
    In the context of J&K, a trend is catching up fast among the students to fly abroad for pursuing studies irrespective of their parents’ financial position. Here they capitalize on the easy access to funds through education loan. Precisely, pursuing a degree from a foreign university is a new emerging passion among the local student community and gives less importance to relevance of such degrees to their career building. Most of the foreign degree holders are not matching the local job requirements and they continue to struggle to get a job or get engaged into any other self-employment venture matching to their skill and education qualifications.
  • There’s a battle waging between traditional acommodation providers and home sharing network, Airbnb.

    Hotels are losing their share of travelers, particularly younger generations looking for more affordable and experiential places to stay, to the short-term rental startup which has now grown to hold more than four million listings worldwide.

    Another slice of the market is being disrupted by this “rare profitable unicorn”, too: student accommodation.
  • Last year’s 13.2 per cent depreciation of the rupee against the dollar year-to-date has affected a lot of people, especially those who have expenses in foreign currency. For instance, people whose children are already studying overseas or who plan to send their children for studies abroad. Most people take an education loan to fund their expenses for foreign studies, but with the depreciation of the rupee, the expenses will increase — generally, in times as such parents/students apply for an additional education loan to fund expenses.
  • What motivates students to choose a particular country for their studies? University rankings, financial cost, the beauty of the landscape – all factors that weigh towards their decisions, but there is one particular aspect of a country that appeals to most international students…

    This is the ease of settling down in the country after graduation.

    While there certainly are some international students who leave to study abroad with a mindset to return home after studies, a large percentage view their global studies as the chance to live out their dream of migrating overseas.

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Study Marine Engineering in Abroad Many students have asked me the difference between maritime studies, marine engineering, ocean engineering and naval architecture; I have tried explaining this as easily as possible to give them an



Master’s in Petroleum Engineering Abroad or Geosystem Engineering Masters in Petroleum engineering abroad is concerned with production of hydrocarbons, which can either be crud oil or natural gas. Their main job is exploration 



Change of course from Under graduation to Masters Often I have students approaching me with an idea to do masters in a different stream other than what they did in their under graduation






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